Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Own Medical Hybrid: Reflexology and medicine

A hybrid of reflexology and medicine—an idea I like. And, as it turns out, it’s an idea that could work to help not only a loved one but also the health care budget.

What am I talking about? 

Well, the medical community is starting to research and use reflexology, for example, post surgically—but it’s not yet available most places. So, I want to start my own medical hybrid with reflexology, helping friends and family as needed, working with assurance of positive results using the same research the medical community would use when it adopts reflexology.

The idea came to me as I was looking at exactly that—the research about reflexology undertaken for use within the medical community. What stood out were the number of studies for use of reflexology in medical facilities for patients in: post-operative recovery, labor/delivery/post partum care, and cancer care. 

Hmmm, I thought, this sounds familiar. Been there, done that. Sitting in the hospital room, visiting a loved one just out of surgery, holding a hand—but really applying reflexology. So, now I’m looking at the research. What do I find? Reflexology helps post surgically with recovery, pain reduction, and lessened anxiety. 

Hmmm, more thinking: What if everyone and anyone was reassured by research that he or she could help a loved one, providing reflexology and doing what the hospital would provide if only they had the money and knew about the research? What would it mean? Sitting helplessly by a hospital bed wanting to help would be a thing of the past? Money would be saved because hospital stays would be shortened?

It turns out I’m not the first to have this idea as shown by this on-line story. The individual wanted to help his friend be released from the hospital but first the patient had to defecate—standard for hospital release. He looked up a reflexology chart on-line, worked on his friend’s feet and, yes, the friend was released promptly. Exactly as the research had found—reflexology helps bowel and bladder functions return more quickly.

Barbara and Kevin Kunz


Xavier said...

Unlike the other types of massage therapies that require a massage therapist in order to get the result you want, you can do reflexology massage by yourself as the hands and feet are accessible body parts of the body. It can be done anytime and anywhere as this type of massage therapy doesn't require a massage bed or nudity. You can massage your hands frequently and work on the reflex areas that you prefer on a regular basis. You can also use materials to help on adding pressure during your reflexology massage therapy such as a golf ball for your hands and foot rollers designed for reflexology of the feet. Consistency is the main requirement of reflexology if you are serious on getting the best results.

Steve brown said...

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