Monday, September 21, 2015

Can a Facebook message change a life?

Sylvia Pyrda wrote me on Facebook from Poland. 

She is a reflexologist and asked for help with a client who had a stroke. So I wrote her back with my suggestions. Here is her response. 

Hi Kevin!    

I would like to thank you so much! Your advice about reflexology points after head stroke are priceless! I did it on this man and after 50 minutes he moved his left hand and leg ( before he couldn't) !! I was so happy and so was his family.. Thank you once again 😊 😊 If I ever could help you somehow just let me know. 

Greetings, Sylvia.

Dear Reader,

So there you have it. The paralysis that accompanies stroke may be easier to address than thought. If simple instructions sent via Facebook can get results in 50 minutes with reflexology what else can be done.

I am not saying this will work with every stroke victim. It doesn't. But if results from the US, UK and now Poland are any indications there needs to be a whole lot of research done. 

Stroke is devastating both mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. The costs to families and whole societies  are staggering.

And there is no need to forego conventional treatments. In fact it works right along with such medical therapies like physical and occupational therapies. 

If you want to read more on this search this blog with the term, "paralysis" and "crossover effect". If you want some visual instructions to follow try Complete Reflexology for Life. Look up "paralysis".

Warm regards,

Kevin Kunz 

These are YouTube videos we did of two stroke clients plus an example the crossover effect that lead to this stroke discovery.

Steve (crossover effect)

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