Monday, April 11, 2016

Celebrities Who Have Tried Reflexology- Tracy Nelson

By Grnfsndgrl

Tracy Nelson, Actress
Actress Tray Nelson took a different path to recovery from cancer including use of reflexology.  “Tracy said, ‘I never lost my will to live. I have always wanted to live life to its fullest - that's why I'm still here. I took control of what was happening to me. I questioned my life and I questioned my doctors. You can cure yourself. It's your responsibility. I really believe that.’”

“Actress Tracy Nelson, daughter of Ricky Nelson and star of the television show “Father Dowling Mysteries,” discusses her recovery from cancer crediting “reflexology” as one form of "alternative medicine" she used as well as traditional medicine.  (Oct., 1989 Redbook, pp. 76, 80, 82, "Talking with Tracy Nelson; My Husband Healed Me with Love" by Jeanne Wol)

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