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Ankh-ma-hor’s Tomb: You Are There

Entrance to Ankmahor’s Tomb (Tomb of the Physician), Saqqara, Egypt, date: 2350 BCE, Photograph by Trudy Baker

Does your travel itinerary include a trip to Egypt to visit the Tomb of Ankh-ma-hor with its pictograph of reflexology? If not, here’s your chance to experience the Tomb through video footage. While brief, the segment from the History Channel’s series Ancient Aliens brings to life an ancient symbol of reflexology. The pictograph is the earliest known artifact of reflexology and, some would argue, one of the earliest of any type of medical practice

To stand in front of the Tomb with the program presenter and pass through its door is to walk with history. A brief view of the pictograph is included in the program and identified by the presenter as reflexology.

The pictograph and accompanying hieroglyphs have fascinated reflexologists since their discovery in 1980 by California reflexologist Ed Case. Ed and his wife Ellen were touring the Papyrus Museum in Cairo when the tour guide said, there’s something here you’ll be interested in. It was a papyrus rendering of the pictograph, a bas-relief carving found in the Tomb of the Physician, Ankh-ma-hor in Saqqara, Egypt dating from 2340 B. C. E.

Ancient Medicine, Extraterrestrial Contribution
The pictograph is presented here as an example of ancient medicine. The source of Ankh-ma-hor’s medical practices is brought into question as part of the premise of the program “Ancient Operations”: ancient medical practices were the result of information from visiting extraterrestrials.

Below is a transcript of the visit to the Tomb of Ankh-ma-hor.

The History Channel series Ancient Aliens 
“Ancient Operations: Questioning how humans learned to heal by exploring ancient possibilities involving the human body, breakthroughs in medicine and medical procedures”

“Are recent breakthroughs in medicine really the result of years of research or does the knowledge of healing come from an otherworldly source? “ ‘It would seem this is medical knowledge that’s coming from some advanced civilization of extraterrestrials.’ ”

“Saqqara, Egypt. Here across from this towering step pyramid lies the Physician’s Tomb also known as the Tomb of Ankh-ma-hor. According to archeologists it was built more than 4,000 years ago for one of the most important officials of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

“ ‘I’m taking you inside the Physician’s Tomb (says Robert Bauval, co-author of  Black Genesis) where you get a glimpse of how they performed complex medical and surgical operations in ancient times.

“ ‘What’s amazing about this tomb is that the physician Ankh-ma-hor lived four thousand three hundred years ago and he performed very complex surgical and medical operations. We can see here a circumcision 2,000 years before the Bible. 

“ ‘And here we see a scene of reflexology. We can see them muscling and flexing the muscles. Also here, an amazing operation, a surgical operation on the hands. It is even suggested that he may have had brain surgery removing tumors.”

“‘ But where did he get the knowledge from? Well, they say they got it from Thoth, the god of wisdom and science who brought to them all the knowledge from the gods.’ ”

It is speculated by David Wilcox, author of The Source Field Investigations, that “ ‘these technologies were brought in and were given to them (ancient Egyptians) as a complete package rather than something that developed out of a society that before then had been extremely primative. Egyptians themselves said that Thoth was responsible for this.’”

“But who or what was Thoth? Might he have been not a divine being but an alien visitor?”

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