Thursday, April 12, 2018

10 Awesome Ways Reflexology Can Help Your Family

By AlexanderHovanec - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

1. Take control. You can manage how your family feels just like you manage your family’s budget and meals and so many things. 
2. Target those complaints. Tummy aches, owies, headaches—there’s a reflexology solution for everyday problems.

3. Create some face time with your family. Everyone’s busy these days and reflexology creates time to sit and talk.

4. Show you care. Hugs are great but reflexology lets that loving touch go on longer.

5. Create a special relationship. One woman is called Aunty Foot by her young niece who loves her reflexology time.

6. What’s wrong, honey? I don’t know. When it’s one of those times when no words describe what your loved one is feeling, reflexology can bridge the gap.  

7. Take care of yourself. Your family needs you. That little thing that’s bothering you (nagging headaches, bad menstrual pains etc.) needs some attention for you to be your best. 

8. Take the edge off. Life is more of a tension filled roller coaster ride for some of us. As told to Kevin by more than one reflexology client, my family is glad to have me come and see you to make me easier to live with. 

9. Special care for special ages. Whatever the age, reflexology offers solutions medicine doesn’t. Whether it’s teething and colic for infants, growing pains for the teenager or reassurance for the elderly, you and reflexology can be there. 

10. You’re not alone. You’re not helpless. When life takes a turn with a serious illness or family problem, reflexology offers an opportunity to reach out when there are no words to help.