Monday, August 10, 2020

How to take 10,000 steps a day in spite of quarantine

The secret to taking 10,000 steps a day in spite of staying home? Take a few steps more often. And, best of all, two minutes to fifteen minutes of activity throughout the day is actually better for you.

I’ve managed 10,000 steps and more for a number of years now by walking small amounts throughout the day. Get away from thinking like my friends who were discouraged about not reaching their goals. Both were intent on racking up most of their steps on a single daily walk outside. This is not easy any time and can be difficult to impossible in time of social discouraged movement away from home.

First secret: Walk where you live. Your living room, patio, balcony, front yard all make for fine step-taking tracks. Even if it’s six steps one direction and six steps back, steps are steps. (And, yes, a living room path is the track of many of my 10,000 step days. Yes, I’ve worked from home for years so it’s been easy to hone my method.)

Second secret: Entertain yourself as you walk. Listen to music, watch television, read. Time will go faster. 

Here’s you motivation: the best possible use of your steps is all about timing. It’s when you take the steps that will make the most difference to you and you well-being. Taking steps timed to after meal and as an interruption in sitting impact lifestyle conditions. Impacted are: weight, cardiovascular disease, cognition, productivity, dementia and Alzheimer’s cancer diabetes, metabolic syndrome.

Here’s the best schedule for your body and, funny thing, by the end of the day you’ll reach 10,00 steps the easy way:

Walk for 15 minutes after each meal. That’s about 4,500 steps (1,500 steps per meal).

Get up and move for 5 minutes every hour. That’s 6,000 steps over 12 hours.

There you’ve done it: taken 10,000 steps. Way to go.

For more information see, Intermittent Moving: Move more, Sit less and Master your weight and Un-Sit Your Life.

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