Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google rejected us

It was our first. The first time we were turned down for a demonstration. The email came this morning from authors@Google .com.

I don't blame them. There was a dozen potential list reasons for turning us down. Any one of those reasons could nix the deal. But usually people are enthusiastic about a demo.

I am disappointed. It is not the curiosity factor of seeing the Google campus. It isn't really meeting the Google team. Although both those factors would be great there is something more.

I love to do demonstrations. I love to do them because you meet such interesting feet. Even famous feet at times. But I will take ordinary feet anytime because they can be intriguing.

We once did a series of demonstrations for Wild Oats Markets. A woman sat down in my chair. I picked up her feet and said, 'I've worked on these feet before."

She said, "You are amazing. You worked on feet over ten years ago and only for one time. I walked out of your office and my neck popped back in place. It was fine. I felt guilty about never calling you and telling you what happened."

She asked how I knew I had worked on her feet. I explained she had a distinctive stress cue on her foot. And then I joked, "I might not remember your face but I remember your feet."

Kevin Kunz

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