Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reflexology Paths for Elephants

Reflexology Paths for Elephants
by Kevin Kunz at 5:47 AM PDT, September 26, 2007

A rug salesman years ago told me that elephant's feet are so sensitive that Barnum and Bailey's circus had a special rug designed for their elephants. His company had designed the rugs for them.

A South African reflexologist wrote me awhile latter about how the local zoo had noted that if available the elephants will roll their feet on rocks. It had made the papers. Perhaps they are doing this for their sore feet.

If you google elephants feet you find out what a terrible problem sore feet have become. A Wall Street Journal article, "Elephants Have An Achilles Heel, and It's Their Feet", points out that a number of elephants have died from the complications of sore feet. Several zoos have closed out their programs because of the problem and the Federal government last year solicited the public for solutions.

I was talking to my friend, Michael, in Ireland explaining this situation. Without hesitation Michael said "Why don't they build reflexology paths for the elephants?"

He was referring to the reflexology paths that are spreading throughout Asia and Europe . These paths are just now starting to spread throughout the US.

They are designed to stimulate the bottom of the feet with well placed rocks and logs to simulate the natural surfaces we no longer experience because of shoe wear and flat surfaces. And research has shown they impact the health of senior citizens.

If you were to design an elephant reflexology path how would you design it?

My thanks to Michael Kinneavy for this great idea.

Kevin Kunz

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