Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have to share this with you

I have to share this with you. We are so excited. After months of working with the DK IT team the widget is a smash hit. This article also talks about the Interactive charts which have become "the most viewed content on the publisher's website".

DK develops reflexology 'widget'
20.09.07 Joel Rickett

Dorling Kindersley has created a "widget" for users to grab and add to their websites and profiles on Facebook and other social networking sites.

The widget, which supports the launch of Reflexology for Life by Kevin & Barbara Kunz, lets users read their hands using a reflexology map. It is based on DK's online reflexology charts, which have become the most viewed content on the publishers' website.

Try the widget. And then it on a friend or post it on your web site or Facebook page.

Or if you like go directly to the highly addicted Interactive Foot and Hand Charts.

Okay I will calm down now. Sort of...

Kevin Kunz

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