Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Factors that Determine Success in Reflexology

Three Factors that Determine Success in Reflexology

The Chinese reflexology researchers figured out awhile back how to make reflexology more successful.

They varied these 3 factors:

Frequency or how often you did reflexology.

Duration or how long you did reflexology.

Strength of signal or how hard you did reflexology.

To deal with serious health concerns you increase the frequency and duration of sessions but not necessarily the strength of signal. That needs careful attention.

The Chinese arrangement is usually daily six days a week for two week segments. Then they assess the progress. If they need more application they do another two weeks repeating the pattern.

This seems an impossible accomplishment. The Chinese however will use a combination of practitioner help, family help and self help. But if you have a serious health problem would it be worth daily applications to overcome it? Of course.

I actually use frequency with critical ill people long before I knew of this research. I found that every 6 hours with a critically ill person can be quite helpful, life saving in fact. (It seemed to save my grand nephew from the ravages of flesh eating bacteria.)

The strength of signal is interesting because it is somewhat like the tale of Goldilocks. Too light and the technique application has little effect, too heavy and the technique application can actually be counterproductive.



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