Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red, White and Blue Feet

Red, White and Blue Feet
by Kevin Kunz

Red, white and blue feet are not patriotic feet but stress cues you can pick up from visually observing the feet. The color of feet tell you a lot about not only the general condition of health but may well give you clues as to very specific health problems.

The Chinese say that red is an engorgement of blood while white is a depletion of energy. I put it this way. Red the body is having trouble getting blood away from an area. White it is having trouble getting blood to an area.

An overall redness and there is a general stress on the system. An overall pale white look there is a general weakness. You could call the red foot a "yang foot" and the pale white foot the "yin foot".

What about the blue foot you ask? Well that foot is indicating a problem with oxygen and usually appears with people with lung problems.

Where this gets very interesting is when color stress cues are very specific. Stay tuned. We will have more.

Remember this isn't medical diagnosis and shouldn't replace standard medical care. It is stress cue assessment and can indicate where stress is present.

For more information see. The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology and MyReflexologist Says Feet Don't Lie.

Kevin Kunz

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