Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Bagel Bribe

Bagels and cream cheese as a bribe for reflexology was a Sunday ritual for a radio broadcaster we met.

It was a Denver radio show several years ago. The host liked his feet done but his usual sidekick did not like her feet touched. This interview she was out sick and had a replacement. The replacement loved to have her feet done.

It was more than foot reflexology for this DJ. It was a Sunday family ritual. Dad would "bribe" the kids to rub his feet with bagels, lox and cream cheese. As she told the story a very warm smile passed over her face. It was obviously a family moment and a "dear old Dad" moment as well.

With our busy lives it is difficult to find such moments. We know of several families where reflexology has been a centering experience. Do you have a ritual that involves the family?

Kevin Kunz

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