Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bubbles on my feet

> hi All,
> I am looking at my feet right now and they look fine. I notice some nites there are
> bubbles on my feet just above my spine reflex from my heel to the end of my arch. what
> does this mean? Debbie

Have you ever injured your tailbone? Frequently these bubbles connect this to injury to the tailbone and/or the back. By pressing on the heel with the flat of the thumb you can bring these areas out. We call this "press and assess".

Fractures tend to be more pronounced but all kinds of injury can produce these bubbles. Child birth can even cause injury to the tailbone. But sometimes people don't recall the injury but do notice discomfort sitting for long periods of time for example, extended plane flights.

The good news is you now have "targets" for technique application. Point it out to your practitioner. A golf ball or even a superball can be used to apply self help technique.

A side note: Technique application to the heel will often lessen the overall foot tension. But Jim Ingram of FRAA came up with a great tip. Work this tailbone area to loosen the foot. It has the same effect without wearing out your thumbs on tough heels.

Kevin Kunz


Kristen said...

wow i have had the same thing for years and i have never known what it was..... thanks!

lisafaith said...

my husband has this same thing! and hes in pain. what is this called? and how do you treat it?