Monday, October 1, 2007

A Simple "Read Your Feet" Tip

A Simple "Read Your Feet" Tip
by Kevin Kunz

If you have worked on feet or even if you work on your own feet you may have noticed "white areas". As I said in a previous post "white areas" tend to indicate that the body is having trouble getting blood to an area. The Chinese saw this as a depletion of energy.

If you are working on the big toe reflex area as an example, it may be reflecting a lack of circulation to head/neck or sinuses. See these charts.

With practice and some careful questions you can often find the source of the stress. A neck injury can show up as a white streak on the base of the big toe. Go here for an example.

Note that there are two white bands with a red area in between. This was a severe throat infection.

Now here is the clever bit. If you have noticed these white areas have you ever taken note on how fast they fade away? The longer they take to fade away the more chronic or severe in general the condition. By asking follow up questions you can usually figure out whether it is a current stress, severe stress, chronic stress or not much of a concern.

You have to try a lot of feet to get a feeling for this. But with observation you can get pretty good at this. I sometimes just press and hold an area and then release it to see how long it takes to normalize. I have even timed it.

You can do this with self help as well. Try pressing on an area and then releasing. How long does it take to fade?

Does it stay white? Does this match your assessment of the corresponding area? Can you see changes in the area after you apply technique for awhile? Does it get better after a series of sessions with a reflexologist or with consistent self help application?

Let me know what you observe.

Kevin Kunz

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