Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Feet's Features- The Importance of Your Feet

Your feet are important for a variety of reasons. When you think about buying cheap shoes versus more expensive shoes or you think you don't have time to take care of your feet or you override the pain in them think about the following facts:

• Feet provide you with the ability to move from place to place.
• Feet have an impact on your overall physical and mental health.
• Feet help shape how the body’s energy is expended.
• Feet have the ability to trigger the relaxation response.
• Feet if cared for continue to provide the capability to maintain independent living throughout your life into later years.

Keep your feet going and your feet will keep you going. But you must speak the language of your feet and that is the language of pressure, stretch and movement.

These are the signals that reset the foot's tension level and these are the signals that cause a relaxation response throughout your body. And finally these are the signals that will help them to keep in shape.

So grab your feet and get acquainted. What are you going to do for them today? And remember small investments in your feet can mean big returns.

Kevin Kunz

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