Friday, October 19, 2007

Reboot Your Feet- Reboot Your Body

Your feet and your body have a very "tight relationship". The feet help set the tension level for the body. the reason is simple. Standing upright requires tremendous coordination between the feet, the brain and the rest of the body.

Part of this is the proper tension level or "tone". Too little tone and you won't make it upright. Too much tone and you are wasting energy and placing a lot more demand on your body then is necessary.

So we are going to work on resetting the tension level of the feet and in turn resetting the tension level in the rest of the body. In computer parlance we are going to reboot the system.

Here are some of the things to help reboot your feet and reboot your body.

• Be aware of your feet and how they feel
• Pay attention to your feet: take an active role in keeping your feet happy
• Give your feet something new to think about: give them some stimulation
• Relax your feet by interrupting their stress frequently
• Avoid stressing your feet
• Strengthen your feet through exercise

This all about how much demand you place on your feet. We often are unaware of our feet and the stresses they face. We override their feelings. We expect them to function even though we may pay more attention to our car tires. If feet had tear ducts they would cry.

Feet are encased in a sensory deprivation tank of sorts, the shoe. Feet are quite simply bored to death from living in this environment and walking on flat unyielding surfaces.

Feet crave stimulation. Feet want to relax. And feet are willing to exercise.

I have a saying, "If your face was in that shoe instead of your feet you would take a lot better care of them". The feet are quite good at their job and that includes overriding overuse and even abuse. They can mask their feelings quite well.

So if you want to reboot your stress system start by taking care and maintaining your feet. Your feet will love you for it. Happy feet make for a happy body.

We are going to talk about rebooting schemes in the next few weeks as we head into the holiday season. And as you know rebooting is important to avoid system crashes. Holiday crashes.

Kevin Kunz

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