Monday, October 15, 2007

I used to work for wild oats

> I am working at a benefit walk this weekend, Saturday, October 20. I am giving
Reflexology sessions after the walk and wondered if anyone has experience with short sessions.

I used to do the employee benefit plan for Wild Oats Health Market. The "front end" employees (cashiers) had 15 minutes with me. That meant 7 and a 1/2 minutes per foot.

Walkers have the same issues but may be not as severe. Standing is harder on the feet and legs than walking.

What I focused on was loosening the foot. Cashiers in the US stand all day so reversing the effects is a key. Traction is a fast and simple technique.

I used a lot of techniques we developed called "Stride Replication". The techniques are basically cupping, tapping and percussion applied to the foot (and sometimes the hands.) the ball of the foot and the ankle are great targets for cupping. It causes the whole foot to relax and resets the proprioceptors. (These techniques are in our latest book, Complete Reflexology for Life,

A quick pass through the endocrine glands and some desserts and you are onto the next foot.

I loved this job. It was fun. It also was very challenging. The challenge was different than working on a clients. It requires focus and flexibility.

One night as I was checking out from the service counter the guy behind the
counter snapped my picture with a Polaroid camera. Next thing I know he is on
the loudspeaker telling the store of the employees appreciation award I was being given.

I still run into people from Wild Oats who know me as the "foot guy". And I still have that award.

Kevin Kunz

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