Friday, October 12, 2007

Undercover Work

Yesterday I received a call from a friend whose mother was in the hospital. She asked me
to come over to the hospital to see if the reflexology might help.

The surprise was the young doctor who showed up and watch what I did for over an half
an hour. He was quite curious and we had a very pleasant chat. I talked about some research with
him and he respond very well to that.

But then he turned very serious and asked how medical personnel respond to me working
in the hospital. I replied that I used to call it "undercover work" years ago since I quite
literally worked under the covers. And when medical personnel approached I would
withdraw my hands.

I told him quite a few years ago I notice quite a bit of change. My grand nephew came
down with flesh eating bacteria and nearly died. I work on him everyday (most days- twice
a day) for 23 days while he was in intensive care.

Then one day a female doctor walked in. I backed up from the bed to let her gain access to
Jake. She said that it was all right, continue with my work and she would work around me.
So I did.

When she was finished her exam, she turned to me and said, "Now make sure you work on
the lungs," and then left. I looked around to see what planet I was on.

The young doctor was amused with my story. I ended up giving him a copy of Complete
Reflexology for Life. He seemed so very interested.

All in all a very nice experience.
Kevin Kunz

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