Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is the Carpal Tunnel near here?

A friend of ours was using Complete Reflexology for Life to work on his girl friend for her carpal tunnel problem. He was getting good results just using the directions in the book. Then suddenly she got a rush of "hot blood" flowing down into her hand,

What he had been working on was the sides of the two and third toes. He found it curious because it was an area that was somewhat outside of the directions for carpal tunnel and ask us how that could be.

Before we could give him an explanation he thoughtfully said, "Well that area relates to the neck for one thing. and you have been telling me how much from what she said you thought her neck was contributing."

But what really floored him was how immediate the effect was. She got instant relief the moment the blood started to rush.

I said, " Now you have your key area for controlling the problem. It will take time to condition a response so that it becomes more or less permanent but you are well along the way."

Remember to explore all the possible elements. Sometimes the most important clues are right there at your fingertips.

Kevin Kunz

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