Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nose on the Toe

--- In reflexologycommunity@yahoogroups.com, "ryanandbaby" wrote:
> Kevin, can you provide some insight on this? I had put this question
> out there earlier but not heard anything. I'm a reflexology student
> and three of my "clients" had extremely heavy callusing on the upper,
> medial portion of their big toes. Not down in the neck reflex area,
> but higher. Although none of them had mentioned it in my health
> questionnaire, upon further questioning, all three of them had
> suffered and been treated for a deviated septum. Coincidence, or is
> there something to this? I'd appreciate your insight.

This callus is what I call a stress cue. It is located at the appropriate place on the toe for an influence from a deviated septum. It could also reflect tension in the back of the head. Or it can be the whole plane passing through the head from the front to the back and all the accumulated stresses that gather there.

A deviated septum can reflect more than an injury to the nose. The nose is in a critical area just in front of the brain. Injury to the nose may involve a jolt to the brain as well. It depends on the force of the blow.

This stress cue also can reflect the brain stem. I am experimenting with this area for a variety of conditions. the brain stem is involved in a lot of issues including metabolism.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your query.

Kevin Kunz

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