Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hidden Trauma

Wall Street Journal has an interesting article that caught our attention.

Studies Cite Head Injuries As Factor in Some Social Ills
The article goes onto to talk about how brain researchers link mental woes, alcoholism to long-ago blows. The frightening part is that we have almost all had some type of injury and the results may not show up for years.

I was just working on a man who had been a side impact car accident. I saw a stress cue on him that I hadn't seen on him before. There were large white patches on the big toe which in reflexology theory represents the head area. This stress cue to us means there isn't much blood flowing to the head area.

When I asked him if he had hit his head he didn't remember. But when he wrote a check a short time later he put the person's name where the amount should have been and the amount where the signature should have been. No one checked him for a head injury.

I work on my big toe everyday because I did get injuries to the head as a child. It is a simple technique really. And you can use the thumb as well.

Cup the golf ball between your palm and the edge of your big toe. Now roll the golf ball all over the brain stem, brain and neck areas.

From Complete Reflexology for Life

Here is a video that went along with the article. 19854/bctid1395217369

Kevin Kunz

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