Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oprah speaks and the World Googles

We have a number of spotters who let us know when they have spotted reflexology on TV, newspapers and magazines. My mother-in-law spotted an Oprah episode that just happened to be a rerun of an earlier show. In the show Dr. Oz works on her feet briefly and she purrs her approval.

We want to see if the rerun of the show would have the same effect as the first show. The first show shot our standings on Amazon way up, and our web site more than doubled in hits. And with the web log you can see when the impact hit to the hour.

This time it shot our Amazon standing way up. Our web site more than doubled in hits, the blog receive triple the hits and even our widgets jumped dramatically.

So when Oprah speaks the world googles. And all she really said was that reflexology was so good.

Kevin Kunz

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