Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When do you have enough proof?

When do you have enough proof to demonstrate that reflexology is a valuable field of study? How many studies? What type of studies?

While there is no set number there are signs that researchers have caught on to the fact that reflexology is a rich field of study (and in turn a great source of grants). What is surprising is the sophistication of these reflexology studies.

The reflexology studies are using the latest hi tech equipment from functional MRI to real time EKG and ECG's. The Austrians did studies on the kidneys and digestive systems using doppler sonograms.

There are double blind randomized studies done to NIH standards the highest in the world. There are 103 controlled studies that are peer reviewed. Only a handful are negative. And most of them have to do with using reflexology for diagnosing.

So how much is enough?

Kevin Kunz


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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Kevin, there is a saying that there will always be enough evidence for those who would like to believe something, and never enough for those who don't.

So carry on with your wonderful work, but don't count on recognition from the medical industrial complex any time soon..