Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reflexology for Brides and Grooms

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I ran into a blog that was talking about de-stressing brides. One of the suggestions was reflexology.

It brought up a lot of memories. A few years ago I was dragged quite literally into working on brides. An overly critical future mother-in-law had sent the bride into a form of panic attack. My cousin dragged me into the bride's dressing room to work on her feet.

I was able to bring the bride back to the moment. I received a special hug for my work and the wedding went off without any further incident.

What a nice moment to be able to calm a troubled bride. It reminds me of a quote for Complete Reflexology for Life.

"Reflexology for Life speaks to reflexology applications for different times in our lives. On a personal note, it seems that reflexology has been there with us to calm or to cope, to ease and to help. From on bride's pre-wedding jitters to another's post-wedding tired feet; from one niece's pregnancy to another's sports injury, reflexology has soothed the way, lending a helping hand to people special to us."

Complete Reflexology for Life, page 6

After my first bridal success story got out, I ended up working on several more brides and grooms. It really seemed to help. And I felt a little more a part of the ceremony in a special way.

Kevin Kunz

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Paula said...

Glad to read your post about working with the brides. I love your work and have several of your books, but didn't realize you have a new one -- "Reflexology for Life." I look forward to getting a copy of it!