Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tinnitus and Our Veterans

I didn't realize that Janna had included this testimonial when I read her email.

She has a good point. "Kevin I heard on K.Oberman (Keith Oberman) that 70,000 Iraq vets have ringing in the ears."

Janna is quite proud of being able to turn off her ringing. She feels it would be of enormous value to Vets. Here's her email.


Good Morning Friends,

I have tinnitus, which is a ringing in my ears! I never know when the ringing will arrive and
be louder than the conversation I am may be attempting to have with someone.

If you or anyone you know has this, you might want to check out this FREE interactive chart
developed by Kevin and Barbara Kunz, the foremost published Reflexologists on the planet!

When I use the tip of my thumb to press where the foot and the hand charts show the ear points
the ringing subsides. It is like the volume button on a radio being turned down! It is amazing.

This chart is a lot of fun and I keep the link in my favorites for quick self care. There is lots of
Science about the hands and feet; and the Kunz’s have written quite a few fun books if you are interested!

Enjoy, Janna Schlagenhauf

Here is the link to the interactive foot chart!

Here is the link to the interactive hand chart!


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