Monday, May 19, 2008

Heels and Sex

No, this is not a blog about high heels. It is about the reproductive organs and their locations around the heels.

The testes and prostate on men and the uterus and ovaries on women are all on the sides of the heel. See the free foot chart for exact locations.

Interestingly there is an additional area that isn't shown on many charts. It is an area on the bottom of the foot at the border between where the heel joins the arch. A Canadian chart is the only one I am aware of that shows this location.

Women with menopause may find relief by working this area for problems like hot flashes and night sweats. It also was in a book that was mostly in Chinese by Father Josef. Father Josef is credited with reviving the ancient tradition of reflexology in China. The book targeted fibroid tumors by working that area.

The best way to work the bottom of the foot with self help is a simple foot roller. Simply roll it back and forth over the area.

The sides of the foot are easily worked by using the rotating on a point technique. All these technique are described in either Complete Reflexology for Life or in our e-book- Uterus- Prostate. If you are looking for information on menopause try Menopause- Hot flashes. An e-book is easily downloaded to your computer and can either be read on screen or printed out.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Kunz

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