Thursday, May 29, 2008

WII Fit and Movement Intelligence

I recently purchased a WII Fit to go along with my WII console. It has been an eye opener because it goes way beyond simple fitness.

I find the WII Fit very interesting as it is not just about standard fitness. It actually addresses balance which is a larger ignored sense.

The WII Fit is basically a flat board that you stand on. Your movements on the board are monitored by the console and you receive visual feedback on your balance and movements. Even Yoga and other fitness exercises give you feedback.

But there is a series of balance exercises that really work your foot-eye coordination. My favorite is the game where soccer balls are kicked towards you and you must use your head to deflect them. It requires the shifting of your weight while visually spotting where the ball is going. It could be to the left, the right or the middle. But you can also encounter other objects like a flying a shoe which when they bop you in the head take points away. (I seem to attract them.)

Does this signal a new era in fitness which goes beyond muscle and engages the brain as well? I think so. For me it has been an eye opener as to the need to reengage my balance mechanism. As we age our sense of balance needs attention. That is why I think reflexology is so helpful with aging.

And boy, does my sense of balance need attention.

Kevin Kunz

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