Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reflexology Reunion

I missed my class reunion. It was too bad as I had family obligations at the time. Joyce invited me even though I ended up graduating from another school. She very nicely wrote me an email to help link me with my boyhood friends after the event.

But her attendance was almost a disaster as she was struck by migraines during the reunion. Let Joyce tell it in her own words.

"I awoke Friday morning in Las Cruces with a migraine, so I called my son who is staying with us in Norman and had him get out your "Complete Reflexology for Life" book and look up the hand and foot points for migraine. Thank you, Kevin!!! It worked. Then again this morning (after traveling yesterday) it hit me again. This time I gave Jim (my husband) the book and had him work on my left foot big toe. He could feel the pressure point flatten out and disappear as he worked on it. And I got immediate relief. I've been a believer for a l-o-n-g time; I think Jim was swayed this morning. I can't get over how thorough the book is, and the illustrations are very helpful! I told a lot of schoolmates about your accomplishments and renown."

I am going to try like crazy to go to the next reunion. I have to meet Joyce again after all these years. And I hope to get a chance to work on her feet.

Kevin Kunz


Complete Reflexology for Life

Complete Reflexology for Life

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