Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting into Reflexology Part 1

In a lot of interviews I am asked how I got into reflexology. The answer is quite simple really. I picked up a  reflexology book off the bookstore shelf and  tried it out. One thing led to another as I found people really wanted reflexology for not only their health problems but also the stress they faced.  

The rest is history. After over 30 years of practice, 11 books in 19 languages and countless extraordinary experiences with reflexology I often wonder where I would be if I hadn't picked up that book. 

Learning reflexology is getting easier. Back in the seventies when I started there were few books on reflexology. And the books available then weren't really so richly illustrated as books are today. A lot of reflexology was taught without textbooks. 

But even back then it was fairly easy to get started. You bought a book or learned from some mentor. Then you sought out "guinea pigs"(usually family and friends) and proceeded with what I jokingly call "human experimentation". After awhile you might even take a course if you wanted to go further. 

Sooner or later when word circulated about your skills (and hopefully your results). People outside the circle of family and friends asked if you would work on them. The money question suddenly came up. What to charge and who do I charge? One of many dilemmas you faced. 

And even more challenging is professionalism. It has only been the last few years where a professional class of practitioners has developed. The lack of licensing bodies and professional associations has meant much of professionalism has been left to the individual.  

In this short series I plan to help you get into reflexology whether it is for yourself, your family, or as a profession. Reflexology is still fairly simple to get into even with increasing requirements for professionals. 

Please send me your questions. I will do my best to answer them. 

I wish you the best with reflexology. I hope reflexology will bring the joy to you that it has brought us. 

Kevin Kunz

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Hello Mr. Kevin Kunz, thank your very much for your comment on my reflexology news blog. Great to hear that you liked it!

I noticed here that you frequently post some interesting news about your expertise. I thought maybe you like the idea of presenting more updated news from your business at my blog?

Best wishes from The Netherlands!

Martijn van Mensvoort.

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