Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These Shoes Don't Fit


Okay if you follow this link you will find an odd picture of a shoe that doesn't fit. The request was, "I am looking for a shoe with magnets , it reduces weight if you wear it and it works by the principle of reflexology,"

The factory's response is as follows:

1.They are designed SMALL with a great purpose in mind. They fit only ¾ of your foot! Your heal must hang off the end of the shoe for the effective reflexology and body alignment to take place.
2. The structure of the slipper engages different muscles while walking and strengthens core muscles.
3. The Magnets in the slippers stimulate circulation and Reflexology points.

Okay how come I feel like the factory had an overstock of small shoes and came up with this brilliant marketing scheme. How come reflexology gets attached to all these weight loss products? And finally how about the people with really small feet?

Kevin Kunz

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