Thursday, July 17, 2008

Advantages of Reflexology

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reflexologycommunity : Message: Re: [Reflexology Community ] Advantages of Reflexology:
Some responses I have had from people when I have asked what benefits
(advantages) following treatments have included the following :
'It made me feel whole again'
'Felt like my feet were connected to my body again'
'Helped me cope better'
'Suddenly noticed other little niggly physical things had gone'
'My husband noticed the difference in me immediately' - so more appropriate
responses in relationships

The most potent one for me is when people have lapsed in regular treatments and they have said on a return visit 'I really noticed not having my reflexology.
My body has been waiting for this.' So absence of reflexology affects people as
much as the results when having it.



I also liked the answer I received from Sue Todd in Canada. She said she would add "awareness".
"It is a common complaint from my students whose family members say their feet suddenly started hurting after they started to receive reflexology. I tell my students that nine out of ten times it is simply that they have now created an awareness in that person. The feet were sore before, they just weren't aware of it."

Editor's note:This has a lot to do with subconscious pain. Most of the pain in our feet are subconscious in nature. When reflexology awakens these areas this is a common response.

Kevin Kunz

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