Friday, July 11, 2008

YouTube - Reflexology Park

YouTube - Reflexology Park

This is really a pretty good video of a Reflexology Park in Korea. It is from YouTube. 

The first reflexology path Barbara and I saw was in Tokyo in 1990. It was built by Shisiedo engineers. The idea was that the path would work each and every part of the foot. There were even temple bridges that used small pebbles to work the toes. 

The engineers used rocks embedded in concrete that varied in size and shape. The were also set at different distance apart to change the level of challenge. And they had bypasses if you found the going too tough. 

The engineers used logs to simulate takifumi. Takifumi means to literally "step upon bamboo". Legend has it that samurai warriors would chop down some bamboo from the forest. The Samurai's then split the bamboo and walked on the rounded part for fighting spirit. 

In 1990 we thought that the reflexology paths would spread like wildfire throughout Asia. But it hasn't stopped there as it continued onto to Europe.

 The Germans really were taken with the whole idea. They built sensory pathways that run for a couple of kilometers at times. They include such elements as mud, grass and straw. 

And now it is here in America with Bastyr College and the state of Washington Parks Department building some of the first in the US. 

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