Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reflexology and the Dying

Dear Kevin;

I have a question about reflexology and the dying. How can reflexology help those who are in the process of dying?

I've heard that the treatments need to be short and gentle. I agree with gentle, but not short. I feel a full session would give maximun benefits.
How do you feel about short treatments?

Thank you for your input.



Dear Marianne,

This is probably one of the most poignant moments in a reflexologist's career. It is a learning experience beyond any other learning experience.

There is a whole movement in this direction through hospice and other programs where reflexology is used to help find some peace. It seems to be growing rapidly.

There is an Indian belief that you can be healed yet pass on. In Western cultures we tend to fight death as the final enemy. But we all die anyway.

Yet how we pass on has real significance. I feel reflexology can really help.

I think reflexology can help in the process of dying be easing the stress not only of the person passing on but also of the families of the loved one. It is hard to describe but it seems to act as a comfort to everyone including the practitioner.

I have come away from these events with a sense of peace. I can see how working with the dying is rewarding.

Long or short sessions isn't really an issue. It is about gentle touch that is simply meant to soothe. You find what works by carefully following cues from the person. No dramatic heroics or lifesaving attempts at this point. It is about letting go in a positive way.

Kevin Kunz


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