Friday, October 17, 2008

Bumpy Brain Boosters

Barbara and I have been brainstorming in the mornings while walking on cobblestone mats. We have suddenly noticed how inspired we have become. We think it is all the mat walking.

Cobblestone Mats are all the rage in Asia and have been scientiifcally tested by Oregon Research Institute. They have been shown to help with blood pressure, pain and recovery from falls. It was an Institute on Aging study through the NIH.

Reflexology paths are spreading like wildfire across the globe. The biggest concentration is in Asia but they are they have takesn hold in Europe particularly in Germany. The US is just starting to discover the benefits of reflexology paths with 3 built in Washington State by the Park's Department alone.

The cobblestone mats were originally for indoor use when the weather doesn't permit outdoor participation on reflexology paths. The mats are are easy to use and very portable.

One note of caution is to be sure they are not on a slick surface like a wood floor. Carpet underneath is best.

We just started to casually talk about projects we are working on as we walked on the mats. What evolved was brain storming sessions. We found ourselves tackling tough problems and finding it easier to solve them. Is more blood flowing to the brain? Seems like it but a simple brain scan would tell you more. Unfortunately we don't have one here.

But the really interesting thing about Einstein was when they dissected his brain. Einstein's brain is actually smaller than the average size brain. There were a few differences in his brain but not as dramatically different as one might expect. One theory is that he simply had more blood pumping to the brain.

Brisk walking has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain. Could mat walking be helping pump more of this needed blood to our brains? Only more research will be able to test this hypothesis.

Will the business brainstorming sessions in the future have business people walking around on these mats while tackling problems. Our our government leaders taking on big challenges while pacing across these mats in their socking feet. Imagine the Pentagon planners shoeless and walking on mats.

Could be highly amusing yet very productive. We plan to continue with these bumpy brain boosters.

Kevin Kunz

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