Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Uber Heels

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Women Fall Head Over Heels for Shoe Makers' Arch Designs - WSJ.com

"Not so long ago, high heels were defined as 3 or 4 inches -- a footnote to give a little height and a more appealing silhouette to the wearer. But this fall, shoes have been supersized with the proliferation of 5-, 6- and even 7-inch heels and platforms." Women Fall Head Over Heels for Shoe Makers' Arch Designs, Teri Agins, Wall Street Journal Online, 10/14/08

Would you call these shoe designers "arch villains"?

Could these shoes be regulated like tobacco as selling an addictive product?

Are the designers liable for reckless endangerment?

The article mentions the popularity of these shoes being fuel by wanton wearers like Victoria Beckham. When we were in England awhile back the tabloids were running pictures of Mrs Beckham's feet. "Gnarled" is the word that pops to mind.

Several years back Newsweek mentioned that it was a good year for reflexology as the heels had risen to 4 inches. This year is going to be a good year for orthopedic surgeons.

Kevin Kunz

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