Monday, November 3, 2008

Struggling council spends £90,000 on child reflexology

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"... Labour-run Lambeth Council in South London is to spend £90,000 next year sending reflexologists into its schools to practise their soothing art'

"The team, from a company known as Bud-Umbrella, will work in 60 primary and 14 secondary schools, with children under 13 deemed to be badly behaved"

Unruly school pupils will be punished with... a foot massage
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It is surprising how harsh the response to this program is in the UK papers. It makes it sound like the children misbehave and then get rewarded with a reflexology sessions. I am sure that isn't the case. But it is more sensational for the writer to portray it as some type of reward system.

I wish I had know about reflexology when I was a counselor. Children are not the enemy. Unruly children are often abused both mentally and physically in many families. Punishment of the harshest kind often makes them worse. Why not a little TLC? There is research in this direction that show positive results.

Reflexology sessions shouldn't be a reward for bad behavior but it can be a respite from the stresses of adolescence. The higher their stress level the worse they behave. Lower their stress level and then you may have a chance of reaching them. Hopefully before it is too late.

Kevin Kunz


johnsmith said...

The Struggling council spends a housing management department faces job losses and there have been cuts in painting and the decoration of council homes.Given the dire state of the council’s finances overall, they should be saving every penny with the maximum care.


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Kevin Kunz said...

That is a valid point, However, there was research showing that this program is quite effective.

I think this was sensationalized and used to create anger and headlines rather than the real facts.

Kevin Kunz