Monday, December 1, 2008

Haven't blogged for awhile

I haven't blogged for awhile both because of the holidays and the avalanche of interest on our new Evidence Based Reflexology Series has kept us busy.

But I am back and there is a lot to comment on. Lot of worries out there over the economic times exist and yet I have a real feeling of hope. It is only in times of great stress that big changes tend to take place.

We now have an opportunity to make dramatic changes to our approach to health care approaches. So I thought I would fantasize a bit in the next few blogs about ways reflexology could be integrated into the "new" health care system. It would not be a replacement but rather a complement to standard care. In fact, people who have fought so hard against reflexology might have a change of heart after one of the longest recessions since the Great Depression.

We will see.

Kevin Kunz

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