Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New MS Study

Robert Carswell (1793–1857)

We just put out a newsletter. There is a new study out on multiple sclerosis. While looking for a depiction I found this illustration.

I have always had fairly good effect on MS sufferers. I really concentrated mostly on the spinal reflex areas. But this drawing actually had the following caption. "Depicts Multiple Sclerosis lesions before the disease had been described by Charcot." This illustration dates back to 1858.

This depiction of lesions on the brain stem is a curious one. Back then they knew of these type of lesions.

 It makes me think the next MS sufferer I work on will have special attention to the brainstem reflex area. The brainstem reflex area is located at the first joint of the big toe and below. You could say it is at the base of the bulb of the big toe.

I use thumb walking on this area with multiple passes up into the brain reflex area. I also believe it to be important as an aid to a lot of disorders. but for MS sufferers I will definitely pay closer attention to this area.

Kevin Kunz

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