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Longer second toe advice

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kunz,

I came across your website on an incredibly random search about "second toes". I'm interested in your research and theories pertaining to the energy and the length of the second toe. I, myself, have a longer second toe, and recall from a Shiatsu class years ago, a correlation between one's level of energy and the length of that second toe. Recently, I have experience drastic changes in my level of energy and I wonder if it can be remedied by therapy to that area. Would you kindly recommend a reputable reflexologist in the Toronto area (Canada) who has experience in treating patients with my condition? It seems you have considerable experience in this discipline and your referral/recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

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A longer second toe is really not a condition but it is simply genetics at work. It isn't the toes that are longer but the bones within the foot itself that are longer. Specifically it is the second metatarsal which is longer. This wouldn't be a problem if we didn't wear shoes. Shoes put pressure on the longitudinal arch. This tends to lock the middle of the foot or the midtarsal joint. This tends to lock the middle of the foot. It tends to lock over the pancreas reflex area which effects the energy level through the regulation of blood sugar.

A lot of times the longer toe person has high level of energies but can be subject to sudden drops of energy usually in the afternoon. It seems to evolve over time. Sometimes the effects worsen and the person can feel tired all the time.

A good reflexologist can help by highlighting this area in their sessions. There are self help things you can do. A foot roller is a good way to stimulate this area. Another technique is to stand with your feet about shoulder width wide. Bend your knees slightly and then rock across your feet by gently swaying from side to side. Do this for about 15 seconds. Try to do this daily. If you can do it several times a day it is even better.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Kunz

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