Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Market, Market and Market

Some people are concerned if there is enough business for reflexologists out there considering current economic conditions.
There was a very good article in the Wall Street Journal. the author said the most important thing to do is market, market and market.

Many people pull in their horns when times get tough but this is the very time when you need to make people aware of your business. Don't retreat.

Marketing isn't necessarily expensive. One of the most effective marketing methods I found is to offer the local health food stores demonstrations. 10 minute sessions are welcomed and can bring in good clientele. Offering a free self help class is another way to find clients.

In both these cases I was able to bring in millionaires who were more than willing to avail themselves of my services. And they stayed with me.

Of course if you can get a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats you tend to get clients with a bigger budget. They can be hard to get into but persistence pays off.

Kevin Kunz


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jh said...

Thanks for the reassurance and the great tips. I have gotten so many customers because of a free one hour class I gave. It is amazing.