Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When not to give an interview

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Daily Mail called me up yesterday and asked if I would help them with an article on the hands. It seems there was a scientific study that showed if men had a longer ring finger than their index finger could mean they made more money.

"The key to success in high powered markets is at your fingertips, a study has shown.'

"Scientists at Cambridge University discovered that City traders whose ring fingers are much longer than their index fingers make the most money, while those whose ring fingers are relatively short do the worst.'

"Researchers say finger length is linked to exposure to testosterone in the womb – and also reveals how 'masculine' a man is. Past studies have shown that people exposed to high levels of the sex hormone between the 13th and 18th week of pregnancy have longer ring fingers."

So young Laura, the writer from the Daily Mail, called me up and wanted an article which would have my name on it to accompany this piece. We tried but the closer we got to what I consider palmistry the more Barbara and I resisted. It just didn't work out. And the fact that Laura had to have this in for the next day's paper made it more dangerous.

Reporters on a deadline are hard to work with. They will in their panic twist your words to fit the article. I have had them writing that I agreed with someone I was diametrically opposed to in principle.

So it was with great relief when Laura tossed in the towel. Sometimes it just is better not to give an interview.

But the good news is that my ring finger is longer than my index finger. So I should be wealthy. Of course, these were City traders and not people who had to deal with publishers. Sigh!!!

Kevin Kunz

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