Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worm Money and Reflexology

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Several years ago we worked on a young man who was a quadriplegic. We worked on him on our way home from the office at his house. 

The family didn't have much money but his mother insisted on paying what she could. She paid us from her earning selling worms. Most of the time it was a couple of bucks but we didn't care. Sometimes it was enchiladas or whatever she could share. However it was important to her that she would give what she could. 

This young man was a turning point in our work. Because Barbara and I were both working on him we picked up some really unusual reactions. Barbara worked on his hands and I worked on his feet. Because we were in very cramped quarters we worked at on opposite sides. 

One day Barbara felt his fingers move. Barbara and I at this time didn't know much about quadriplegia. Barbara asked Jimmy if he was moving his fingers. Jimmy said,"No, Kevin is." We thought he was joking but with a short time it was apparent that by pressing certain parts of the foot you could trigger the fingers on the opposite side to move. 

We hit the books looking for explanations. There were some. Pressure is a signal that is used by the body for some very important activities. So we changed our definition of reflexology to define it as the application of pressure to the feet and hands to effect corresponding parts of the body. 

That definition was picked by reflexologists worldwide. It helped us to figure out how reflexology worked within the nervous system. In fact it is helping to logically explain the workings of  reflexology which is very helpful in researching reflexology. 

Sometimes it is definitely worth being paid in worm money. 

Kevin Kunz

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