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New Markets Reflexologists Ought to Consider

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I was talking to a good friend of mine from college last night. She is high up in a major advertising company. We were talking about the growing markets in reflexology. It was kind of a surprise to me that the "tired feet" market hadn't occurred to my friend. With her sophisticated marketing knowledge the idea that people will come to reflexologists not just for a health concern but also for their tired feet didn't cross her mind. 

It reminded me of one of my clients who was a real success story. She was a music teacher who was having trouble standing because her feet hurt her so much. Her job was in jeopardy.

I both worked on her and taught her some self help techniques. She ended up rolling her feet on those sticks you bang together to make rhythmic music (I forget what they are called). She wrote me a very touching letter about how I had saved her and her job. 

I explained to my friend that people do come to reflexologists for their health concerns. But there are a percentage that come for their tired feet. That started me thinking about other reasons people come to see reflexologists. 

There are people who use reflexology to help them keep fit. In fact, the Foot Reflexology Awareness Association in California worked with the athletes from the Police Olympics in California. 

The Chinese in fact consider reflexology as a form of fitness. They look at reflexology not just for athletes but for young and old to build their strength and stamina. They see it as a way to cut health care costs. 

Here are the markets I see:

People pursing a health concern.
People seeking happy feet.
People looking for stress relief. 
People pursuing fitness in a very core way. And as a preventative technique. 
Employers seeking ways to cut health care costs, cut absenteeism and promote employee satisfaction. 
Boomers looking for ways to improve the quality of life for their parents. 
Hospitals looking to improve patient satisfaction and cut the time for recovery. 
Parents who would like to see their children develop strong minds and healthy bodies. 
Companies who want to keep their highly pressured executives from burning out. 
Creative outfits who want to help their artists.
People who just want to feel good all the time.

What types of new markets can you see for reflexology? 

Kevin Kunz


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