Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Hotels Resist Defibrillators - WSJ.com

I read this article with dismay. I wonder how many lives are lost because of the cautious nature of these hotels. Or are we so litigious that hotels should be concerned. And in essence we are killing ourselves by frightening the hotels away from this life saving method.

I guess that is what started me thinking about the reflex revival technique. I have talked about on this blog. It is very hard to get attention for this technique. What I thought would attract interest is the fact that the longest neuron in the body goes from the middle of the big toe all the way into the brainstem.

I have seen two people who showed no signs of life come back and be cognitive within seconds after application of this technique. I have revived several people who have fainted or passed out.

It is frustrating to those who know defibrillators can make a difference. And it is frustrating to us that know that there is hope in reviving people far from a defibrillator with the reflex revival technique.

Kevin Kunz



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