Friday, March 13, 2009

I've gotten addicted to walking on cobblestone mats

I have fallen in love with walking on cobblestone mats or as we call it around here "walking on bumps". I have to admit it is a positive addiction but an addiction none the less. We have talked in this blog about cobblestone paths and cobblestone mats. The benefits are many according to an Oregon Research Institute study.

But there is something downright soothing about walking on these "bumps". Not at first will that be the way one would describe it. At first it is hard to adapt to without saying "ouch" every few seconds. But after your feet adapt to this new challenge you start to miss it when you can't do it.

Here is what I have found. I have better contact with the ground. I feel it more. I sense changes underfoot. I adapt quickly to imbalances caused by irregular surfaces or loose materials under foot.

Kevin Kunz

I have more energy. If I miss sleep I am not done in like I used to be. My moods are steadier. I feel healthier and have a sense of being more positive about things.

My reflexes seem quicker. I feel like my reflexes are sharper and reaction time is quicker.

I sense that my peripheral vision seems to have improved and I "take more in". I get more done and take less time to get things done. Better focus seems to be developing.

I think it impacts my thinking process but I might get a debate on that from people who know me. I feel less mental fatigue but that isn't perfect.

I think it effects muscle tone especially in the abdomen. You feel stronger but not in a bulkier sort of way.

We are doing a lot of this bump walking for a new project we are working on which is a Reflexology path kit for Barnes and Noble. What a great project for our own benefit and hopefully the benefit of others.

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