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Ban on Feet-Nibbling Fish Leaves Nail Salons on the Hook -

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Ban on Feet-Nibbling Fish Leaves Nail Salons on the Hook -
"Ban on Feet-Nibbling Fish Leaves Nail Salons on the Hook"

These fish nibbling off calluses has been called "Fish Reflexology". Well I would debate whether the practice actually could be called reflexology accurately. Does fish nibbling on your calluses really fit the definition of reflexology?

What the practice entails is a salon where there are big tanks where fish nibble off the dead skin. It dates back to a Turkish legend in which a shepherd injuries his foot. Sticks it is a hot spring teeming with fish. The foot recovers and the legend is born.

The idea spread throughout Asia and was rediscovered in China by enterprising pedicure salon owners from the US. Cutting calluses with razors has become a real issue in many states. So why not employ nibbling little fish to carve away the calluses.

But wait it isn't so easy when you are facing regulatory boards. Believe me after our many experiences with these boards I have empathy for these people.

We faced regulatory boards who had no idea what they were talking about. It still is the case in the US that certain states require a massage license to practice reflexology even though no requirement for reflexology training is mandated.

I wouldn't be surprised if these cosmetology boards insist that the fish have a license to practice nibbling on feet. It is what regulatory boards do- make ridiculous statues.

Note: these fish are also referred to as "Doctor Fish".

Kevin Kunz

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