Friday, March 27, 2009

Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers -

Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers -
I am a real fan of Dr. Oz. Years ago he made a point of telling me how Reflexology got him into CAM when I was attending his presentation. He saved a young man's life after heart surgery by working on his feet. His portrayal of this is in his first book,"Healing From the Heart".
Reflexology has been mentioned countless times in his media interviews. He even worked on Oprah's feet which if you were on my end watching the surge on our web site was amazing. And we are only one of his many causes.

So I was really disappointed when the New York Times took aim through the above article. The article points to a business relationship between RealAge and drug makers. The drug makers use the data from RealAge to make marketing decisions. While there are obviously questions about this approach, Dr. Oz is pictured as in some way negating what he believes in.

I don't know what Dr. Oz role in this business relationship is but I know one thing for sure. He has been a very strong advocate of preventative self help. He has also been a incredible advocate of CAM. Whatever the business relationship between drug makers and RealAge I don't believe Dr. Oz is being two faced in his approach to health.

I really wonder if the New York Times actually bothered to interview Dr. Oz.

Kevin Kunz

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