Monday, April 13, 2009

Bumpy Brain Boosters Part 2

© 2007 Photographer Gaetan Lee used under a Creative Commons License

I did a post awhile back that was called Bumpy Brain Boosters. the inspiration came from A Google translation that Barbara came up with from Chinese. The idea was that both the Chinese and Japanese felt that stimulation of the bottom of the feet was crucial to children's neurological development. It just came out comically with translated.

I also have been reading a book, The Body Has a Mind of It's Own. This book talks about the importance of the stimulation of the bottom of the feet for body imaging, a crucial part of our well being.

So can't we simply make the jump to the fact that the feet and the hands are really part of the brain. Dr. Miller talks about the importance of the sensory organs like the extremities to the brain in the Body in Question.

How do you separate out the brain from our sensory organs? Is a brain without sensory organs really have any real existence outside the fictional Donovan's Brain?

Is this similar to the fiction that there is 5 senses? Are we limiting ourselves to new insights by looks at the brain as a separate organ and not intimately linked to those parts of the body that reach out and feel the world?

Think about it but not just with your brain.

Kevin Kunz

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