Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reflexology Remote Massages Your Hand While You Channel Surf

Gizmodo - Cool.con Reflexology Remote Massages Your Hand While You Channel Surf -

Oh goody!!! A reflexology remote that massages your hand while you channel surf. Just what the world needed. Here is some of the copy that makes me shutter. 

"This spiny little contraption has the unique ability to simultaneously control your TV and your chronic kidney, uterus or testicle-related ailments. This is truly a magical medical breakthrough product."

Imagine that. You can channel surf while taking care of your testicle-related ailments at the same time. With the other hand you could eat snack food. This is a truly magical medical breakthrough product. And I do stress medical and magical. It has FDA approval written all over it. 

"The Cool.con universal remote employs reflexology to stimulate pressure points on the hand that are said to correspond to various areas of the body to promote better overall health. So the next time your partner bitches at you for watching too much TV, just tell them that you are engaged in a very serious medical procedure. Those witchdoctors said you needed dialysis—but you know better."

Okay so I finally figure this was not an official company statement but the blogging of a gadget fanatic on a  review site for all things of a gadget nature. It is fun and got me going. Our thanks to Gizmodo- a gadget blog for the gag. 

But does anyone seriously think that a combination remote and hand massager is a good idea. It simply ties a sedentary activity to a vibrating hand massager. I am in favor of vibration because it does break up patterns of stress. But on a remote???

Puzzling but I will steel myself for the next reflexology-exploitation. Maybe it will be a reflexology ice cream cone holder that massages your hand will you wolf down that Rocky Road ice cream. It couldn't hurt. 

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