Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wiggling Toes Part 3 and other stuff

I have been finding the more I wiggle my toes to help me sleep the more my feet seem to benefit as well. It feels like it is loosening up my feet beyond the toes and into the body of the foot. This feels really good. Delightful, in fact. 

Have any of you toe wigglers out there had similar reactions?

Also Michael Reed Gach in one of his many acupuncture books had a foot to foot exercise I have been using lately with great success. You lay one foot on the floor and place the other foot on top of it. Apply slight pressure. It squeezes the foot in a nice way kind of like the electric foot rollers that have a contraption to squeeze your foot. 

I like to rock the foot a little side by side increasing pressure as it feels de-stressing. Never do it beyond your comfort zone and always start out gradually. Don't hurt yourself. I find it feels very good to reposition the foot along the spinal area on the inside of the foot and give a press all the way from the ball of the foot to the low back area.  

This is the ultimate low energy, sit in your big comfy chair and have a positive impact on your feet exercise. Try it. Tell me how you like it. 

And books still are scarce. DK is rushing to put books Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips and Complete Reflexology for Life back into print. The Total Reflexology kit from Barnes and Noble will very likely be out of stock soon. It is out of stock online and there seems to be very few in stores. 

This all points to the soaring popularity of reflexology. I still can't get over the prices for Complete Reflexology for Life. Apparently since it is out of stock the prices FOR USED Editions start at 80 bucks and go up to $376.00. And they are selling!!! The 3 new copies were sold at $180+ right out. Really crazy. 

Are you seeing a surge in interest in reflexology? There was even a mention in the paper today of Lance Armstrong and getting his feet rubbed. What is going on? 


jenn said...

I've seen the surge in reflexology! Our teacher's union for Elementary schools just recognized our therapy and are now covering it through insurance. Big boost for us.

Lots of people in our area checking it out! Its all good! The growth in the past four years has been crazy good!

Very cool!

jenn said...

I'm jennmet from twitter by the way :)

Kevin Kunz said...

Thanks Jenn Appreciate the feedback. Kev